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What school "Beginning of wisdom" differs from other schools?

Our Mission Statement: Through personal growth and purposeful interaction heads of the school, teachers and parents to make conditions for attitude and development every child like unique personality, that has especial call from God

What does "Eternal Values" mean?

In Ukraine we say that school gives education and upbringing. This is why we should answer 2 questions: what and how to educate, what and how to bring up?

What does "for Personality" mean?

What kind of person modern graduator of school has to be? Which features of character he should develop in himself? By the way of united seeking we have defined the ideal model of school graduator.

How to put your child into the school list?

Procedure, Documents

How much does education cost?

The Beginning of Wisdom School is private educational establishment that has a purpose to give education according to state standards and bring up students on the base of Christian values, such as loving God and neighbors, honoring parents, tolerance, mutual understanding, mercy, patience, forgiveness, understanding of God's gifts and calling to serve people, state and God.