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Merry Christmas!

I've always tried to understand why the shepherds first heard the news about birth of Christ? I liked the version that God sent angels to the most simple people like shepherds (as I consider myself an ordinary one than a noble), but it did not convince me...

Film about school

The Christ is risen! Every blessing for Easter!

Spring is a very special season! And the renewal that threads the whole Creation is supposed to remind us, created as well, about the Creator! And the culmination of this renewal is the radical transformation from death to life that happened due to the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The Family’s Day

Traditionally in post soviet countries people celebrate 2 holidays – the Day of Motherland’s Protector (the 23rd of February) and Women’s Day (the 8th of March). Historical events of past decades amended the recognition of the origin and meaning of these holidays. That is why some people are looking forward to it while others neglect them consciously. Not willing to go deep into historical arguments, we united these two holidays and created an alternative – “The Family’s Day”. We think that dads, mum’s, grannies and grandpas deserve the attention of their children and grandchildren. That is why it is worth doing.

Minor Science Academy in the “Beginning of wisdom” school

It is not complicated to look for information these days, if one has the Internet and an ability to use it. But it is not a simple task to combine the found information with the personal experience and to tell the result in interesting way that would captivate the attention of listeners. In order to put this practice in action the school has held students conferences of Minor Science Academy for four years in succession.

Michail Britsin’s seminar

Another event was a seminar, organised by the “Beginning Of Wisdom” school along with the organisation “School Without Walls” on topic “Bible formula for a happy marriage” conducted by talented and serious priest Michail Britsin.

The Snow 2009-2010

The last winter happened to be surprisingly snowy. We have not had nothing like this for a long time. Just recently we have been telling our children about “snowy winters, blizzards and snowstorms we used to have” and here they are. We have made a couple of photos to remember it. Who knows if we will ever have anything like this again?

Sergiy Golovin’s seminar

We were fortunate to take part in the organisation of a seminar in Kharkiv, conducted by a famous teacher, scientist, theologian-apologete Sergiy Golovin. Along with the organisation “School Without Walls” our school “Beginning Of Wisdom” gathered people interested for the one-day seminar “World-view basis of evangelism”. School teachers and guests (including our former graduates) had a possibility to evaluate the harmonious combination of world-view ideals of the Holy Scripture and discoveries of classic and modern science. You can read some comments concerning it on the famous Christian web-site «invictory» http://news.invictory.org/issue27447.html

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends! A special season of Christmas wishes has started. This motivated me to write a couple of lines (in the attached file) that I want to share with you. The Lord has showed mercy towards this poor world we live in, since He did not spare His Beloved Son and placed Him to the manger, where the dawn of the Cross and the Resurrection has been already shown!

Dear friends, parents and students of the Beginning of Wisdom Christian School!

After such a long break time (while being busy I could not write, but thought about doing so) we want to share our blessings with you once again! This school year is very special for us, because it is the 10-th year after our school was created!